Take a Look at Our Seattle Siding Installation Process

With more than 25 years of experience in the siding business, Side-Pro, Inc. understands every aspect of siding installation in the Seattle-Tacoma region. We want to make the process as smooth as possible for you. Here’s a little more about what you can expect from our siding installation in Seattle.

Payment Terms

Upon starting the job, our siding lead is expected to pick up the remaining 35% deposit. Upon completion of the job, our siding lead will provide an invoice and is expected to collect the remaining balance.

Dumpster Location

The dumpster is a commercial roll-off type. It is about the size of a large truck—approx. 6′ x 20′ in dimension. We would prefer to put this in the driveway if possible so that it is close to the house and will be easily accessible for our siding installation workers. Please keep children away from the container for safety.

Siding Installation Material Location

This will also be placed in your driveway. It’s similar to the size and location needed for the dumpster.

Honey Bucket

This can be placed anywhere near the job. This will not take up as much space so it is typically placed near the dumpster and materials.

Equipment for Siding Installation

The siding equipment will be delivered when we start the job. It will be placed around your house as needed. Please keep children and pets away from the equipment for their safety.

Equipment and Tool Trailer

We will be parking a 16′ equipment trailer on the street in front of your house. Our workers will be placing their tools and equipment in this trailer. This trailer will be parked there during the duration of the job.

Electrical Access

We will need two main outlets preferably in the front and the back of the house. These should be on separate breakers since our tools will draw more power than your breaker can handle if they are plugged into one outlet.

Water Shut-Off

We will need to locate your water main shut-off in the unlikely event your existing plumbing should get damaged during the siding replacement.


Please remove all screens on your windows. During the replacement process, screens can sometimes get snagged by a nail or damaged in some way or another. It’s easier to remove the screens than it is to replace them.

Wall Hangings and Décor

Please remove all pictures and mirrors from the walls we will be working on. Also remove any décor in china cabinets, etc. to eliminate possible damage from vibrations caused by the replacement process.


Please keep in mind that we will be working around landscaping and plants. We will take precautions to eliminate damage to plants by tying them back or covering them with buckets or garbage cans. Please trim back any plants that are directly up against the house to give our technicians a minimum 6″ clearance.

Lights and Outlets

Our workers are not trained to deal with electrical fixtures. We will remove any lights and fixtures for access to the existing siding; however, our workers are not expected to reinstall these items after your siding replacement. Please let us know if you need assistance with your electrical fixtures.

Lien Disclosure Notice

You will be receiving a certified letter (“Notice of Intent to Lien”) from our siding supplier. THIS IS NOT A LIEN. All siding materials are purchased on an account from our supplier. By law, they are required to send this letter explaining the lien rights of our supplier. At the completion of your job, we will provide all necessary lien releases.

Siding Installation Work Hours

Our work hours are typically between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Mon–Fri. If you would like those hours changed for any reason, please let us know.

Construction Debris

It is our policy to clean up the job site daily. We will sweep and use a rolling magnet to remove any nails and debris around your house. We will do everything we can to remove any loose nails, but, as a precaution, please inspect your driveway for any nails we may have missed.

Job Signs

We will be placing a job sign in your yard for advertising. Please feel free to inform us if you don’t wish to have this in your yard.

Extra Materials

Please keep in mind that you are paying for the siding materials installed on the wall. Any extra materials have been purchased at our expense and will be picked up at the end of the job.

Alarm System

If you have an alarm system, please make arrangements with your provider or technician to have the system prepared for a remodeling job.

Gas Safety Valves

Some homes are equipped with an earthquake sensor attached to the gas meter. Light remodeling work may trigger the sensor to deactivate your gas line. Please review your gas meter instructions for re-setting this sensor.

Cable and Satellite Dishes

Please make arrangements with your satellite or cable provider to re-set and reconnect your service after your siding installation has been completed.

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Wesley Parker
Wesley Parker
After multiple bids I'm happy I chose Side Pros. They were on time every day, well priced, and the siding looks fabulous. Would absolutely use them again.
kyle oberdorf
kyle oberdorf
I have very fast service, quick estimate and a professional experience with Russell. Don't hesitate to give them a call!
Jennifer Bradbury
Jennifer Bradbury
Side-Pro fixed an issue with some wavy sideboards on my home. The team that came out was fast, effective, professional -- and genuinely nice guys. They explained what they were doing, answered all my questions, and got the work done beautifully and ahead of schedule. Afterwards they followed up promptly to make sure I was satisfied and to let me know they were available for any future questions or concerns. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing similar work done.
Jim Acker
Jim Acker
Side Pro was a pleasure to work with from the start. I learned in the bid process that most siding and window companies are sales teams only and all the installation is sub-contracted out. It was important to me to use a firm that was accountable for the end to end job and Side Pro used full-time employees for my job. The sales person knew a lot about siding and gave me some great recommendations. He submitted a competitive price and then walked through the full job with me and the job foreman. Then the job foreman took over and was very responsive to all my questions and change orders over the course of project. The installation team was also excellent. They cleaned up every day and did really top notch work. I am very particular and they worked to understand what I was after and made it happen. Great job. The job site had COVID procedures posted, which were followed by the crew, and a safety officer dropped by on two occasions to check up on things. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better customer experience and recommend Side Pro to anyone considering new siding.
Chris Parker
Chris Parker
Top tier siding experts. We chose them for our hardie board installation
Kym Hofland
Kym Hofland
Side Pros is amazing. They were on time and cleaned up to where other than materials I wouldn't have known they were there. Sam Brock, Duane Tidball and the crew were all very professional and courteous. Kept in contact with me throughout the days (3 day project). Completed earlier than the anticipated 5 days and made sure to ask if I had any questions or concerns every day. Recommendation? YES!!! Even took pictures for me to see the progress and problem areas.
Lisa Gaan
Lisa Gaan
Side-Pro, what a class act! My husband and I discovered the company at the SEA Home show in Feb 2020. They had serval booths in the show and all representatives were friendly and knowledgeable. They shared information and answered questions, never did we feel pressured, plus they had a great magnet clip give away 😊. After the show, I called the Side-Pro office to ask few questions. I was fortunate and was referred to Russ De Arment, the sales manager. Russ was able to answer my questions over the phone to my satisfaction and was even able to come out the same day to do a walk through and give an estimate. Russ truly presents himself as a contracting professional. He is honest and presents facts, not what you might want to hear to get your business. I had a siding question on my son’s new construction house and Russ even went to his house to look for me and wrote up a suggest list of repairs for my son. He did this kind gesture without being compensated. The installers were fantastic and treated my house like it was their own. They were respectful on my property and left it in better shape than when they arrived, this was especially important to the field supervisor Duane. As with any project, there are always follow up items. I found one small item and within a day of me notifying Russ, he sent Duane, another amazing team member, who not only took care of the punch list item, he even fixed something for me that wasn’t even siding related! Finally, the painting supervisor, Mo, this is sounding redundant, but another amazing Side-Pro team member. Once again, knowledgeable, reliable, and fun to work with. In SEA, rain is an outdoor painter’s worst enemy. Mo did a great job of communicating schedule changes immediately and always responded to my emails quickly. Like the siders, the painters were professional and did a great job. I have had my house painted three times in 20 years, and by far, this two-man crew was quick, efficient and did quality work. I have a 4500, three story house and they completed the work in less than 4 days. In summary, I got three bids, Side-Pro was the least expensive by a few hundred, but that is not why I went with them. It was their professionalism and responsiveness that helped make my decision to use them and I am so happy I did!
Matt Brunner
Matt Brunner
I am just in the early stages of working with this company but I am already a huge fan. Carl has been extremely helpful and honest about everything concerning the bid. This is a class act.
Evan Beck
Evan Beck
Side-Pro did a FANTASTIC job installing the Cemplank siding and Hardieboard trim on our new shop. The price was great and the work was top-notch. The two gentlemen doing the work were efficient and professional. Communication with DJ, the project advisor/estimator was very good. Overall I am very pleased and will definitely use them again! Highly recommended.
John Weiss
John Weiss
I am VERY satisfied! I called for a repair job. Several other companies either would not give an estimate, or could not do so for several months. I got the job done, as requested, within a couple weeks. Karl their repair specialist is pleasant to work with, as well as competent.
Ryan Sanders
Ryan Sanders
I needed crawl space vents installed with very short notice. Side-Pro set up an appointment and got the work done in a matter of days! The contractor who did the work busted his butt and was very nice. The work is excellent.

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