Siding Repairs in Greater Seattle

Scheduling: Scheduling with Side-Pro is simple! Give us a call to discuss the project and email a photo of the problem. For this department we are not able to do standard estimates, we can however try our best to give you a rough ballpark number based off of the photos you send in. If you desire to have our carpenter come out beforehand we do have the option of consultation which is a 99.99 fee. Otherwise, our carpenter will come out to meet you once we get to your spot on the schedule, and assess and start the project;unless a special arrangement is made you should be home when he originally comes out.

Beginning the Project:

Our carpenter will arrive at a scheduled time with various tools and supplies to complete your project, if discussed beforehand he can either pick up the proper materials himself, or you can provide them, there for saving you time and money preventing him from having to go get them on the clock.

You are also more than welcome to go pick up materials after he arrives while he begins the work to be performed. He will be wearing a Side-Pro uniform and be in a clearly marked vehicle, after arriving you will discuss the project and confirm how long it is expected to take and the work to be done, and then begin the work.

Our carpenters have an average of 20 years experience and are fully insured. If the job requires more than one carpenter, our office will send out another to help complete the job in a timely manner.

The Work :

As mentioned above, we can provide the material for a cost, or you can provide the material whichever works best for you. Either way we are happy to work with whatever material you would like. If additional material is needed, you are more than welcome to go pick it up while work is being performed, or the carpenter can leave to go pick it up (but keep in mind the time it takes to leave and get materials and return will all be included in your time).

When you hire Side-Pro, you and your property will be fully protected and insured for any accidental damage and workers compensation. If one of our carpenters does get injured while working on your home, you are free of liability.


We start out with a $299.99 minimum plus materials which will cover the first two hours of labor starting when our carpenter leaves the shop. After the 2 hours pass, if they pass, it is $91.25 per man hour billed in half hour intervals. Material is an additional cost if you chose to have us supply materials for you.

Some jobs will be subject to a disposal fee for old materials, your carpenter will determine if needed when he arrives at the job. Side-Pro Inc. performs repair work on a time and materials basis.

The hourly rate is $91.25, charged in half hour intervals after the first two hours which are covered under the $299.99 minimum, plus any materials used in the process of said work. Time is charged from the time the carpenter leaves the shop, until the work has been completed.

This includes any trips to pick up materials needed to complete the work. If you have a project that you would like performed by Side-Pro Inc. on a Time and Materials basis any information and photos of the area of work will ensure that the carpenter has the correct tools and materials to complete the work without delay.

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