Benefits of Cedar Siding for Your Pacific Northwest Home

Of all types of wood siding, cedar is chosen most often by homeowners. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, cedar siding is a great choice. It provides your home with a classic, elegant look that reflects the natural beauty of the region. Cedar siding offers benefits that make it the ideal choice for withstanding Northwest weather. Here are some of those benefits.


Durability and Strength

Cedar siding is unique. It’s exceptionally durable due to the wood’s natural properties. Cedar stands up to bacteria, rot, mildew, and fungi, so it holds up in wet climates. If you choose siding made from cedar, it will last for a long time.


Low Maintenance

Cedar is a strong wood, so maintaining cedar siding is easy. Most homeowners simply have semiannual inspections for moisture buildup and termites. With minimal care, cedar siding may endure for decades.


Visual Appeal

Unlike a roof replacement, which visitors may or may not notice, cedar siding installation brings natural beauty to your home. Striking patterns in the wood grain create visual interest and will get the attention of your neighbors or potential buyers. Cedar siding is appropriate for modern as well as traditional houses, so your home will fit in nicely with all Pacific Northwest styles.


Added Insulation

Wood siding provides additional insulation. Beveled wood siding and wood shingles provide the greatest energy efficiency. Cedar siding helps keep warm air inside during the winter, which brings down heating costs, and it helps keep cool air inside during the summer, which saves on the cost of air conditioning. It also protects your house’s structure from the damage that can come from high heat, water, and dry air.


Advantages of Cedar over Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is also a popular option, but it doesn’t have the visual appeal that cedar siding offers. Vinyl siding is less expensive to purchase, but it’s not as durable as cedar, and therefore, it’s not a good value in the long run. Vinyl often cracks and buckles in tough weather conditions, making it a less than ideal choice for homes in the Pacific Northwest.


We offer house repairs and roof replacement in addition to siding installation. To learn more about cedar siding, contact our team today.

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