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How to Maintain Roofing Contactor Safety

How to Maintain Roofing Contactor Safety

The roof is probably the most important part of any home. After all, the roof protects every single thing inside your home from damage. Wind and water are extremely destructive forces. And if you haven’t got a roof that’s in good shape then you haven’t got a home that’s safe. People always think about their roof when there’s a leak or some other problem. But how often do you think about roofing contractor safety? It’s incredibly important to maintain safety while working on a roof. Roofers perform such a tough and dangerous job, a single misstep could lead to catastrophe. Only by maintaining roofing contractor safety can these professionals perform the tasks they need to complete and keep homes and other properties safe.


Important Considerations for Roofing Contractor Safety


Roofing contractors perform a dangerous job. They climb up to high places in order to make repairs to roofs, replace roofs, and perform new roofing installation. There’s a lot that goes into the roofing installation process. It takes special tools and an exacting procedure in order to put down a roof, whether the roof has shingles or not. But roofers also have to worry about roofing contractor safety and they take special measures in order to keep themselves safe.


Often, roofers wear special shoes and use special equipment in order to keep themselves safe while they work on roofs, no matter what type of work they happen to be performing. In order to maintain roofing safety while they work, these professionals use harnesses and special spikes in order to protect themselves if they happen to slip and fall. This equipment is designed to prevent them from falling off the roof entirely, which can cause serious bodily harm.


However, roofing installation isn’t all that roofing contractors do. Roofers may also work on other parts of the home, such as siding. These experts know a lot about home maintenance and repair for all parts of the home, not just the roof that’s at the very top. You can consult with roofers about your siding and other problems you may be having or issues you may be facing anywhere on your property.


Don’t Forget About Siding Installation


Roofing contractors may also work as siding contractors, forming asks such as siding installation in addition to roofing installation and repair. This is because roofing material and siding material can be very similar. There are 15 different types of siding used for homes made in a range of materials, everything from wood to aluminum to vinyl.


It’s always incredibly important to maintain roofing contractor safety, whether the roofer is performing roofing work or working on some other area of the house. They’re not just roof replacement experts, they are home experts who know how to perform a variety of maintenance and repair tasks around the house to keep any property safe and looking good. Proper roof and siding installation protect any home or business property from weather damage. Even a small roofing problem can allow moisture and wind to get into the interior of the building or home, which can create huge damage. Roofing contractors are experts who know how to fix problems like this one.


Roofing contractor safety, however, is always the most important consideration. These professionals have to stay safe and focused at all times in order to properly perform their jobs. If you have roofers working on your property anywhere, make sure you’re being mindful of roofing contractor safety at all times. Don’t distract roofers by shouting at them or talking to them while they’re working. Don’t move any equipment or tools they may have in place, as this can lead to serious accidents and injury. Everyone has to be mindful of roofing contractor safety, not just the roofers themselves who are performing the work.


Make it easier on professionals who are working around your home or business property by simply staying out of the way and allowing them to stay focused on the task at hand. Roofing contractor safety is something everyone should think about because a single slip could potentially end a life.

Elements of a Successful Siding Installation Process

Siding is an exterior element on homes that can either make or break the appeal. Are you ready to replace your fiber cement or vinyl siding for a more upscale look like cedar siding? Side Pro and Siding installation companies like it, can assist you in choosing the perfect type of siding. Cedar siding installation increases the curb appeal of your home while also raising the value.

Replacement or new siding can lower energy bills and will stay put when using the services offered by expert installation companies like Side Pro, Inc. Today, most siding installations are rated for strong winds of up to 110 mph. Excellent siding contractors have the knowledge, skills, and services needed to ensure your new siding stays put. Top-notch siding installations will give your home a pristine look while the siding installation process is smooth with a company like Side Pro. 

What Is the Siding Installation Process?

A local siding contractor will take care of the entire siding installation process. You can expect to meet with them to discuss your siding installation process so you fully understand all of the steps and everything they are responsible for in regards to the project. Materials will be delivered the day before a job is to begin. You can count on all installation techs to keep the area neat and clean while setting up necessary scaffolding so old siding can be removed.

Siding contractors will make sure every effort is made to replace siding and ensure that there is no water damage before installing a new vapor barrier so your home stays in good condition. Once this has been accomplished, your new siding is then installed. During the final stages of the siding installation process, a walk-through inspection ensues. Every part of the siding installation will be checked so you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

Siding Companies Take Great Care of Their Customers

Top siding contractors want you to know every aspect of their installation process. This includes discussing things like payment terms, dumpster location, the location for the siding material and equipment locations so you can keep pets and children away from those areas for their safety. The siding installation process will also require electrical access, and you will need to shut off your water. At least two main electrical outlets need to be accessible in the back and front of your home. Those outlets should also be on separate breakers so the power tools used can be supported without tripping just one breaker. Your water also needs to be shut off in case of the unlikely event any plumbing gets damaged during installation.

Know What to Do with Screens, Décor, and Plants

A lot goes into replacing or installing new cedar siding. Since nails are used, and the installation company wants to protect their customers at all costs, window screens need to be removed so they are not accidentally snagged or damaged by nails. Any décor such as mirrors or pictures inside your home need to be taken down from the walls. If you have any cabinets or other décor on your walls, you will need to remove them too. Vibrations from installation work can cause items to fall and possibly break. Plants and landscaping also need care. Tie plants and other types of landscaping back, or cover them with garbage cans or buckets to keep them safe. You may need to trim landscaping that’s up against the house and give a minimum clearance of 6”.

There are more details that need to be explained by Side Pro’s siding  experts. When speaking with them, keep in mind construction debris, work hours, extra materials, job signs, gas safety valves, alarm systems, satellite dishes, and cable so you can be sure you are fully ready for the installation process. Making sure you ask about all of the details to ensure your siding goes up without any issues!

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What You Need To Know About Siding

Siding contractors can help you to upgrade your home instantly. Siding is the outer covering of your home. It is the first thing that people notice about your home. It has the important job of protecting your home from the elements.

Most people do not really think about their siding until it is time to replace it. There are some interesting facts about siding every homeowner should know.

Why Should You Be Considering New Siding?

Old worn siding dates your home, new siding can instantly transform the aesthetics of your home and improve curb appeal. It is easy to maintain and provides years of durable protection.

When the siding of your home starts to deteriorate because of age your home is at risk of water damage from the elements and:

  • Insect invasion
  • Losses energy efficiency
  • Can not protect your home

Worn siding is a risk factor for your home. Replacing your siding with new siding helps to protect your investment and creates the aesthetic that you are happy to come home to.

Things You Likely Do Not Know About Siding

Well-heeled siding contractors will offer a wide range of choices for your siding needs and have the expertise to make sure that you make an informed decision about your siding options. There are over 15 siding choices on the market that come in a rainbow of color, texture, and style options. Vinyl, cedar, and cement fiber are the top three options.

Professional siding installation will help to protect your home for years to come. Vinyl siding can come with lifetime warranties that can be transferred to the next owner of your home. New siding can be a one and done deal. You do it one time, and never have to do it again.

Siding companies Seattle WA homeowners have discovered work year-round, and you can find some of the best deals in the fall and winter. Upgrading your siding can give you an ROI of about 61%, it is usually considered a worthwhile investment by the experts.

Vinyl siding is typically rated up to 110MPH. Steel siding can be rated higher. In all cases, siding is manufactured to stand up to the worst that mother nature has to offer. Learn more about how new siding can transform your home.

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Benefits of Cedar Siding for Your Pacific Northwest Home

Of all types of wood siding, cedar is chosen most often by homeowners. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, cedar siding is a great choice. It provides your home with a classic, elegant look that reflects the natural beauty of the region. Cedar siding offers benefits that make it the ideal choice for withstanding Northwest weather. Here are some of those benefits.


Durability and Strength

Cedar siding is unique. It’s exceptionally durable due to the wood’s natural properties. Cedar stands up to bacteria, rot, mildew, and fungi, so it holds up in wet climates. If you choose siding made from cedar, it will last for a long time.


Low Maintenance

Cedar is a strong wood, so maintaining cedar siding is easy. Most homeowners simply have semiannual inspections for moisture buildup and termites. With minimal care, cedar siding may endure for decades.


Visual Appeal

Unlike a roof replacement, which visitors may or may not notice, cedar siding installation brings natural beauty to your home. Striking patterns in the wood grain create visual interest and will get the attention of your neighbors or potential buyers. Cedar siding is appropriate for modern as well as traditional houses, so your home will fit in nicely with all Pacific Northwest styles.


Added Insulation

Wood siding provides additional insulation. Beveled wood siding and wood shingles provide the greatest energy efficiency. Cedar siding helps keep warm air inside during the winter, which brings down heating costs, and it helps keep cool air inside during the summer, which saves on the cost of air conditioning. It also protects your house’s structure from the damage that can come from high heat, water, and dry air.


Advantages of Cedar over Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is also a popular option, but it doesn’t have the visual appeal that cedar siding offers. Vinyl siding is less expensive to purchase, but it’s not as durable as cedar, and therefore, it’s not a good value in the long run. Vinyl often cracks and buckles in tough weather conditions, making it a less than ideal choice for homes in the Pacific Northwest.


We offer house repairs and roof replacement in addition to siding installation. To learn more about cedar siding, contact our team today.

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What Are the Best Roof Replacement Options?

Choosing the best roof replacement option for your home is a serious decision that deserves your attention. Your roofing contractors should provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision.

The goal of any roofing contractor should be to provide you with the best roof replacement option to fit your budget and needs. Turn to the best roof installation company Seattle has to offer! Ensure that you make the right choice for your roof replacement.

Quality Without Compromise Equals the Best Roof Replacement!

The best roof replacement will deliver the value that you want. It will be accomplished by using high-quality materials coupled with focused craftsmanship. When you are looking at the best roof replacement options keep in mind that value should be the guiding force.

Of course, your budget always has to be a consideration, but do not make the mistake of thinking that the lowest price roofing contractor is the best value. Ensuring that you get the quality roof replacement that you deserve starts with shopping for a roofing company that offers the best value.

Value can be defined as getting a high-quality roof replacement that will last for years to come and provide worry-free protection. In other words, value is when you are 100% satisfied with the project results.

Consider the warranty that is offered on the materials and the warranty that is offered for the labor. Knowing that you are covered should repair become necessary is part of the value. You do not have to sacrifice quality for pricing if you know which roofing company to turn to.

Know Your Roofing Options:

It takes experience and expertise for a roofer to provide you with the best options for your roof replacement needs. For example, what types of shingles are best, which ones are most affordable? Which color shingles will provide you with the aesthetic that you want? An experienced roofer will take the time to explain all your options to help you make an informed decision.

Re-roofing may be an option for you that can also save you some money. Making the right choice for your budget and to protect your home is always easier with a trusted roofing contractor on your side.

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Where Can You Find Expert Siding Installers?

Talk with Trusted Siding Installers Today !

 Easily find trusted Seattle siding installers by talking with Side-Pro. We are trusted professionals working in the Greater Seattle area since 1995!  How do you know which siding installers are the real experts? Replacing siding can be a pretty big deal, and it’s important to get it done correctly. Knowing how to find expert siding installers who are good at what they do is absolutely essential.


When you need siding installers

Siding is one of the most versatile and popular building materials. It comes in a huge range of colors, sizes, and styles. Siding is very easy to clean. Siding is also a highly durable material that stands up well to weather and wear. The majority of siding that is installed on buildings is strong enough to withstand winds at 110 mph or more. Because of siding’s wide range of colors and designs, its durability, and its low-maintenance style, many homeowners and property owners consult with a company like Side-Pro!

Repair & Replace Siding with SIde-Pro

Siding may eventually be damaged and require replacement. No building material is indestructible. When you need to replace some or all of your siding, you need to know how to locate expert siding installers. Siding replacement is pretty tricky. The new siding must be matched precisely to the existing siding, and seamlessly integrated into the overall design. After all, you definitely don’t want your replacement siding to look like a siding replacement. Expert siding installers who have experience working with this material are absolutely essential if you’re going to get a great-looking finished product.


If your siding has suffered significant damage due to weather or some type of accident, replacement is probably necessary. If you see cracks or visible signs of damage, it’s best to get siding replaced. Even a small crack will end up growing and becoming much bigger over time. This leads to a much bigger home repair cost. The minute you notice something wrong with any part of your siding, you need to contact siding installers who can help you make the needed repairs. The sooner you act, the less you’ll end up paying for your home repair.


How to find quality siding installers

Siding installation is very precise. It’s important to know how to match siding and make it meet up with the existing siding so that it doesn’t look like a repair. If siding installers do their jobs correctly, you shouldn’t be able to tell where the repairs were made without a very close inspection of the existing siding. So how can you find high-quality siding installers who are going to do a perfect job with your home? Start by looking online, which is often the best place to find specific types of professionals. Roofing contractors and construction companies often have siding installers on staff, professionals who specialize in siding. In areas with large populations, you may also find siding installation companies that specialize in siding installation and replacement, such as Side Pro !

Side-Pro is the Best Choice for Siding Replacement or Repair

Look for siding installers, construction companies, and contractors online to locate skilled professionals. Usually, the siding installers you choose will come out to your property to look at the siding and the damage in order to give you an estimate on the project’s cost and the amount of time it will take to complete the repair. Good siding installers will offer you a contract or similar document to sign. They will also have all the necessary insurance to protect you and them from issues such as injury or accident. You can always ask your siding installers about the insurance. Get all your questions answered and make sure you feel comfortable with your siding installers. After all, they’re going to be working on your property. Take the time to find siding installers who communicate well with you, who conduct themselves like professionals, and who make you feel comfortable. When you do this, you’ll end up with a great-looking siding that you can live with and love easily.

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All About Cedar Siding

If you are looking for a beautiful housing material that is visually appealing and functional, look no further. Cedar siding is a great building material and provides homeowners with several benefits. Professional cedar siding installation performed by professional siding companies will provide you with an excellent experience, whether you are adding to or completely replacing your siding.


Cedar Siding is Long Lasting


Cedar, although a softwood, is much more durable than other types of woods and materials that are used for siding. This makes it an optimal wood to be used by a professional roofing company. You can choose to treat your wood, but you can also leave your wood untreated without worry. This is because cedar is known for having natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. This means that after your cedar siding installation is complete, your cedar will not become warped or start to rot. However, over time, your cedar siding may change color. Some homeowners appreciate this weathered look over staining options.


Tips for Cedar Siding Maintenance


Although a roofing company can provide you with expert cedar siding installations, your cedar will still require regular maintenance. Talk with your siding and roofing company directly on their recommendations for maintenance, which will be specific for your home. It is typically recommended that your cedar is cleaned twice a year. You will also need to provide your siding with regular inspection to look for any moisture buildup or possible pest infestation. However, when compared to other types of wood, cedar siding is a low maintenance option.


Homeowners Can Choose From Different Finishes


While cedar siding looks great when it is naturally weathered, some homeowners prefer a stained look. Staining the wood also helps it to last longer. Even if you still want to maintain the natural look, you still have an option. A clear finish would be good in this instance. You can also paint or finish the cedar however you want. Cedar siding that has been painted is recommended to be repainted every 10 to 15 years. Talk to your professional roofing company about your options when it comes to siding installation. You may find that cedar is available in a variety of different patterns to suit your needs.


Cedar Siding Will Boost Curb Appeal


One of the most important aspects of owning a home is creating a warm and inviting exterior. No homeowner wants the outside of their home to look drab. Cedar siding provides homeowners with warmth and natural beauty. Those who drive past your home will be charmed by the natural appeal that cedar brings to your home. Guests will feel welcomed and warm upon arrival. Due to cedar’s unique grain and pattern options, no two homes with cedar siding will look the same. You create a cozy atmosphere when you choose cedar siding.


Cedar Siding Helps with Airflow


Interestingly, cedar siding can actually improve the airflow in your home. This is because cedar has natural insulator properties that make it an excellent choice when considering replacement siding by an expert roofing company. Due to the density of cedar, less heat is transported throughout. This prevents the heat in your home from escaping in the winter, lowering your heating costs. It also keeps the cool air from leaving your home in the summer, which can help lower cooling costs. This makes cedar a cost-effective choice for homeowners.


Why You Should Replace Your Vinyl Siding with Cedar


Vinyl siding is one of the most common choices when it comes to artificial siding. It is the one new homeowners gravitate to the most. However, it has a set of drawbacks that make cedar siding, installed by a professional roofing company, the better option. Vinyl is a cheaper option for homeowners, which makes it more appealing. However, vinyl is not a cost-effective option for the long term. Vinyl is prone to cracking, buckling, and heavy weathering. While it tries to mimic wood, it does so inadequately.


Hire a professional roofing company for your siding replacement needs. Our experienced team will provide you with friendly and fast service, as well as work with you every step of the way to make sure the job gets done right. Contact us today for further information.


Roof and Siding Installations: What You Need To Know About Protecting Your Home

Choosing the right type of siding for your home can always be a tough decision, but knowing your climate and the environment you live in can help narrow down your choices. Professional roofers will explain that during the process of the siding installation, repairs may be required once they peel back the exterior layers. Many aging homes will require some kind of restoration, depending on the protection it received with its previous siding installation.


The most reputable roofers will do a detailed examination of the entire home, inside and out, addressing all possible issues during the process of the roof replacement and siding replacement or installation. Once their examination is complete, they will inform you of all needs that must be met during the process. They’ll also give their recommendations as to which product will best protect your home from future deteriorations.


Your roofers will explain that there are three types of siding that are most popular for your home’s best protection options: cedar, vinyl, and fiber cement.


Each product is uniquely different in style and texture, but all three will provide excellent armor for your abode.


Starting with fiber cement siding, this product is a mixture of Portland cement and wood pulp. It is formed into long sheath boards, or shingle shaped, and is attached directly to your home with nails excessive in length. When it comes to vinyl siding, your roofers will tell you that it is made primarily of PVC, which is a very rigid plastic type of material. This is securely placed to the exterior wall of your home in such a way that will allow it to expand and contract with the ever changing environment. Even though this style has a vast variety of looks, it is not the best kept secret among the siding companies.


Finally, cedar siding is unquestionably one of the most beautiful and most durable types of siding available. It comes in a variety of shades and stains, as well as shapes and styles. Once properly cured, the cedar siding installation is completely shrink resistant; meaning, it will never lose its shape. Since cedar takes stains well and ages very gracefully, it grows more and more extraordinarily beautiful with every passing year. Given the rich beauty that cedar siding Seattle roofers often install, it’s no wonder this material is a top choice for homeowners. What’s more, the rich coloring is able to be preserved with just a routine power wash and a fresh sealant or stain.


Ordinarily, siding may not do much in terms of insulating your home. However, cedar siding provides its own insulation and noise reduction from the outside world. This type of siding is also a renewable resource which takes little energy to produce, is biodegradable, and will not rot. Finally, cedar siding can actually repel termites, carpenter ants, and mice, thus protecting your home for years to come.


Although you have several options at your disposal when choosing a new siding for your home, cedar siding is certainly one of the most popular materials picked by roofers and homeowners alike. Given all of its advantages, it’s easy to see why. That said, we’re here to help advise you on the right siding selection to fit your needs and your budget. No matter what siding design you might choose, our expert installation will ensure your home is protected. Contact us today for further information.

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Beginner Roofing Safety Tips

If you’re going anywhere near your home’s room, then roofing safety better be on your mind. Many an experienced DIY pro has ended up in the emergency room after trying to perform an amateur roof inspection. However, sometimes, as a homeowner, you may need to break out the ladder and check out your roof. Whether you’re inspecting storm damage or hanging up Christmas lights, following a few simple tips can ensure that your roofing project comes together perfectly.


Our first tip is probably the most important: don’t bite off more than you can chew. Do NOT to try to manage new roofing installation, or even roof repair needs, on your own. Getting an experienced professional on board is always a smart idea when it comes to roofing problems.


More Safety Tips for You


If you must get up on your roof, then you should follow these tips to stay safe at all time.


  • If you’re going up, be sure that you have a spotting buddy
  • Use a sturdy ladder and choose an access area that offers easy entry to the roof
  • Use safety gear

Most importantly, if you absolutely must get up on your roof, be sure that you are not alone. It is important to have someone on the ground that can be there if something should go wrong. A partner can help to handle the ladder and keep an eye on things from a safe distance.

Choose Sturdy Equipment


That rickety ladder that you have been meaning to throw out is not the ladder that you should use for this job. If you do not have a sturdy ladder, borrow one, or just wait until the professionals arrive.


When it comes to safety gear, professional roofers may use some combination of a hard hat, harness, and other fall protection equipment. That same roofing safety gear can help to protect you if you lose your footing.


Roofing Safety Tips For Roofing Installation Projects


A lot of property owners want to know what they can do to make their roofing contractor’s job safer. There are a few tips that you can follow to get your property prepared for roofing repairs and roof replacement:


  • Keep a path clear for trucks and work crew
  • Be sure to keep pets and kids out of the way
  • Make crew aware of any potential danger areas


It is important that the work crew has clear access to the roof and can haul equipment and materials up to the roof safely. Creating a safe environment is as easy as moving things around a bit.


Make sure pets are secure. Even the friendliest of pets can become apprehensive when a work crew is around. It is always best to make sure your pet is secured.


If there is loose siding or any other hazards, be sure to let the crew know what to look out for. A warning can go a long way to keep roofers safe.


Finally, if you have any specific questions about how to accomplish a roofing project safely, then you should probably seek professional help. Professional, licensed, and insured roofers will know how to manage your roofing project safely.

Understanding Your Siding Options

sidingIf you are considering new siding in Seattle, your first step is to choose one of the siding companies Seattle WA trusts to deliver results as promised. Your next step is to learn as much as you can about your siding options.

Deciding which type of exterior you want for your home is a big decision. There are plenty of options out there. A trusted siding replacement specialist can help you to decide which option is right for your property.

It Adds Value to Your Home

Most people know the condition of their exterior adds value to their home, but they are not aware of just how many ways it adds value. Of course, it dresses your home and gives it a polished look but that is not all it does.

Exterior finishing protects every system in your home, and it can also reduce energy consumption. Not only does it add value, but it helps you to lower costs as well.

The Most Popular

There are three types of siding that are at the top of the list of choices. Vinyl, cedar, and fiber cement top the list of the most popular siding options, but they are not the only options out there.

There is an extensive list of options. Not all the options are as practical or cost effective as others. Your siding contractors can shed more light on the ins and out of each option. Here are some alternative options:

  • Stucco siding
  • Engineered wood
  • Metal siding

Choosing the right option largely depends on the design of your home and the aesthetic you are going for. Some options are simply cost-prohibitive for most homeowners, like glass panel siding. Other options are far more budget-friendly, like vinyl siding.

How Do You Decide Which Is Best for Your Home?

If you have siding contractors that are experts in their fields, then you can get the help you need to make the right decision for your property and for your budget. Each of the top three most popular choices is popular for a reason.

For example in the Northwest, cedar siding is popular because of its longevity, durability, and of course, it delivers a natural beauty that is hard to beat. Vinyl siding is less expensive and likely just as durable, but it does not afford the same aesthetic that cedar siding does.

Ultimately the point is there is something for anyone and for any budget. You just need to get help from a professional who can offer you a range of options to choose from.

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