Elements of a Successful Siding Installation Process

Siding is an exterior element on homes that can either make or break the appeal. Are you ready to replace your fiber cement or vinyl siding for a more upscale look like cedar siding? Side Pro and Siding installation companies like it, can assist you in choosing the perfect type of siding. Cedar siding installation increases the curb appeal of your home while also raising the value.

Replacement or new siding can lower energy bills and will stay put when using the services offered by expert installation companies like Side Pro, Inc. Today, most siding installations are rated for strong winds of up to 110 mph. Excellent siding contractors have the knowledge, skills, and services needed to ensure your new siding stays put. Top-notch siding installations will give your home a pristine look while the siding installation process is smooth with a company like Side Pro. 

What Is the Siding Installation Process?

A local siding contractor will take care of the entire siding installation process. You can expect to meet with them to discuss your siding installation process so you fully understand all of the steps and everything they are responsible for in regards to the project. Materials will be delivered the day before a job is to begin. You can count on all installation techs to keep the area neat and clean while setting up necessary scaffolding so old siding can be removed.

Siding contractors will make sure every effort is made to replace siding and ensure that there is no water damage before installing a new vapor barrier so your home stays in good condition. Once this has been accomplished, your new siding is then installed. During the final stages of the siding installation process, a walk-through inspection ensues. Every part of the siding installation will be checked so you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

Siding Companies Take Great Care of Their Customers

Top siding contractors want you to know every aspect of their installation process. This includes discussing things like payment terms, dumpster location, the location for the siding material and equipment locations so you can keep pets and children away from those areas for their safety. The siding installation process will also require electrical access, and you will need to shut off your water. At least two main electrical outlets need to be accessible in the back and front of your home. Those outlets should also be on separate breakers so the power tools used can be supported without tripping just one breaker. Your water also needs to be shut off in case of the unlikely event any plumbing gets damaged during installation.

Know What to Do with Screens, Décor, and Plants

A lot goes into replacing or installing new cedar siding. Since nails are used, and the installation company wants to protect their customers at all costs, window screens need to be removed so they are not accidentally snagged or damaged by nails. Any décor such as mirrors or pictures inside your home need to be taken down from the walls. If you have any cabinets or other décor on your walls, you will need to remove them too. Vibrations from installation work can cause items to fall and possibly break. Plants and landscaping also need care. Tie plants and other types of landscaping back, or cover them with garbage cans or buckets to keep them safe. You may need to trim landscaping that’s up against the house and give a minimum clearance of 6”.

There are more details that need to be explained by Side Pro’s siding  experts. When speaking with them, keep in mind construction debris, work hours, extra materials, job signs, gas safety valves, alarm systems, satellite dishes, and cable so you can be sure you are fully ready for the installation process. Making sure you ask about all of the details to ensure your siding goes up without any issues!

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