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installing new siding


4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Siding

installing new siding


Cedar siding is the number one most popular type of wood siding. Unfortunately, all siding will need to be replaced eventually once it succumbs to nature’s various weather conditions.


With proper maintenance, cedar siding is expected to last your home up to 25 years. But how do you know when it’s time for installing new siding? Here are the most common signs it’s time to replace your siding.


  1. Dry rot. Rot eats away at the body of your siding, which is why it’s so important to catch it early on to get rid of it. Unfortunately, once rot has run rampant through your siding, you’ll need to replace it because your siding won’t be able to perform its role of keeping your family comfortable and safe.

  2. High heating and cooling bills. There are many different reasons for why your heating and cooling bills may be higher than usual. One potential reason is that your siding needs to be replaced. Siding that’s too old or has been damaged may underperform and let hot or cool air out of your house.

  3. Loose or cracked siding. Loose or cracked siding isn’t often a major problem. You might only need part of your siding replaced in this case rather than installing new siding on the entire house. However, you might need entirely new siding if a larger area is cracked or loose. Talk to a siding contractor to get an idea of what may be best for your home.

  4. You have loose wallpaper or peeling paint. If the wallpaper inside your house looks loose or if your paint is starting to peel, it could be a sign your siding needs to be replaced. This is because when your siding is faulty it can allow moisture to get in underneath the outer layer and wreak havoc your home’s wallboard, wallpaper, and paint.



Need expert contractors for installing new siding?


Cedar siding needs to be re-stained every five to 10 years and repainted every 10 to 15 years, but once your siding starts to go you may be looking at a siding replacement.


The siding contractors at Side Pro provide siding replacements and installations so your home always looks its best. To learn more about installing new siding and siding repair, contact Side Pro today.

new siding

Cedar Vs. Vinyl Siding: Which Option Is Best For Your House?

new siding


There are up to 15 different types of siding, but the two most popular types of siding materials are cedar siding and vinyl siding. Cedar siding is often chosen for its beautiful color and aesthetic whereas vinyl siding is chosen for its price.

If you’re in need of a siding replacement or siding installation, you may be unsure whether or not to choose cedar or vinyl siding for your home. So which type of siding is the better option?

Cedar Vs. Vinyl: Which New Siding Is Right For You?

New homeowners may choose to use vinyl siding because it’s the cheapest siding option. Vinyl siding is also low maintenance compared to other types of siding while still being able to withstand winds as high as 110 mph.

Yet, once their siding needs to be replaced, homeowners often turn to cedar siding for their siding replacement material instead of replacing the vinyl. Why is that?

As it turns out, vinyl siding is the cheaper siding option for a reason. Once installed, vinyl siding doesn’t have the quality appearance or craftsmanship that cedar siding offers.

Over time, vinyl siding has a habit of cracking, fading, and buckling. Unfortunately, once this happens you’ll need to completely replace your siding rather than repair it like you would with cedar siding.

But what sets cedar siding apart from the other types of siding? And what makes it the number one choice among wood siding options?

What Makes Cedar Siding A Household Favorite?

It’s true that cedar siding requires maintenance, but it’s maintenance worth doing for the aesthetic and quality that cedar siding offers. What’s more, with proper maintenance, your cedar siding can last as long as 25 years.

But cedar siding isn’t a favorite among homeowners because of its maintenance. It’s a favorite because of its classic appearance, natural insulation, and its ability to act as a sound barrier to the outside.

Additionally, when your cedar siding has been damaged you can contact a siding contractor to repair the damage rather than investing in all new siding.

Does Your Home Need New Siding?

Even the best siding doesn’t last forever. Like a roof, your siding will need to be repaired or replaced over the years due to age and weather damage.

Side Pro provides cedar siding to those who are looking for siding repair or new siding. To learn more about our siding installation process, contact a siding contractor at Side Pro today.

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