Need New Siding? Avoid These Exterior Siding Mistakes

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Winter is right around the corner, but luckily your siding is able to handle the elements no matter the weather. In fact, the average siding installation is capable of handling winds of up to 110 mph.


Unfortunately, flying debris and age can also impact your home’s exterior siding. That said, if you find yourself in need of a new siding repair or installation before winter hits, be sure not to make some of the following mistakes.


Prioritizing cost over quality


There are up to 15 different types of siding and the top three most popular kinds include cedar, vinyl, and fiber cement. Many homeowners often choose to install vinyl siding because it’s the cheapest option and they’re looking to save money on their house.


But too often homeowners realize that there’s a reason why vinyl siding is the cheapest option. It doesn’t have the quality that other types of siding, like cedar siding, has.


Cedar siding may require a little more maintenance every three to seven years, but its durability makes it worth the elbow-grease.


Attempting to install your siding yourself


In a perfect world, you might be able to install your home’s exterior siding on your own and you wouldn’t make any mistakes. But in the world we live in, it’s never a good idea to DIY your siding.


If given the choice to have your siding installed by amateur installers or professional installers, odds are you would give the job to the professional siding contractor. So why attempt to do your siding yourself if you wouldn’t trust an amateur installer?


DIY siding installation can impact your siding’s performance, cause condensation buildup in your insulation, and damage your home’s structural integrity. There’s also the risk of you getting injured while on the job.


By hiring a professional installer, you don’t have to worry about your siding’s performance. You can expect it to work just like its supposed to, no condensation involved.


Need a professional to repair siding?


It’s recommended to apply a new coat of stain, sealer, or paint every three to seven years to maintain your cedar siding. But, sometimes your siding can suffer from damage that needs to be repaired or replaced.


Side Pro offers siding installation and repair siding to have your house looking like new again. To learn more about our siding repairs and siding replacements, contact Side Pro today.

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