Replacing Your Siding? Don’t Forget To Factor In Your Climate

siding contractorsIt’s true that the aesthetic of your home’s siding ought to be something to consider when you’re having new siding installed. But it’s good to remember that siding isn’t just there to make your house look pretty. It’s also there to provide insulation.

You need to protect your home from the outside first. So it’s crucial to take the climate of your town into consideration when you’re replacing your siding.

How does climate impact my siding choices?

The elements can impact the materials your siding is made of in different ways. Storms can bring strong winds, so if your area is prone to wind gusts it would make sense to have siding panels that won’t fall off in the blink of an eye.

Fortunately, Seattle isn’t known for its harsh winters so you don’t need to worry as much about winter storms tearing your siding at the seams. Something you do need to consider though is the humidity.

Seattle is known for its oceanic climate. Summers are hot and dry, winters are temperate and wet. You need a siding that’s water-resistant.

What siding is great for wet climates?

You might think that wood siding is the last thing you want in a wet climate. But that’s not actually true. In fact, certain types of cedar siding are exactly what you want in an oceanic climate like Seattle.

Red cedar siding, in particular, is naturally water-resistant. This is because of its oils and tannins, which help to keep moisture at bay.

These oils have other benefits too. They give your home a wonderful smell while also making it unappealing to insects, fungus, and decay.

Just be sure that you give your cedar siding the proper maintenance it needs. Surface treatments every three years help to protect your siding from moisture, which protects you and your family from insulation problems and mold issues.

Where can I find siding contractors near me?

Lumber makes up 40% of all building materials, so it’s important that the lumber you choose for your home’s siding installation is high-quality and from a reputable source.

Side Pro has the high-quality cedar siding replacement you need to keep your home insulated and looking great. To learn more about our siding installation process, contact our siding contractors at Side Pro today.

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